The vibrancy and sustainability of NJCHA would not be possible without the involvement of its members in leadership, committees and projects. Standing and ad hoc committees promote the Mission and Goals of the Association.  Ad hoc committees shall be designated by the president to fulfill a specific need of major interest.  The president shall by an ex officio member of all committees.

Open Forum Moderator

The Moderator presides over the Open Forum portion of the NJCHA General Meeting and is appointed by the president of NJCHA.

Theresa Lord-Stout (Centenary)

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee, appointed by the president of NJCHA, prepares and publishes a slate of nominations to present to the membership at least three weeks prior to the spring meeting and solicits nominations from the floor at the time of election. Election Committee members must be current members of NJCHA.

2022: Janice Vermeychuk, chair (TCNJ)

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee, appointed by the president of NJCHA, coordinates the nomination process, reviews applications and prepares recommendations for the executive board.  The final decision for award and scholarship awards is made by the executive board.  The Awards Committee chair announces and presents the awards and scholarships to recipients at the spring meeting.  Awards Committee members must be current members of NJCHA.

2022: Diane Lynch, chair (Seton Hall) & Janice Vermeychuk (TCNJ)

By-Laws Committee

By-laws are reviewed annually and revised as needed. The By-laws Committee, appointed by the president of NJCHA, reviews and presents amendments to the membership.  The members have the authority to amend the bylaws of the Association at a general meeting with a majority affirmative vote of all voting members. Proposed amendments must be presented to the voting members 3 weeks prior to the vote.

Chair: Janice Vermeychuk (TCNJ)

NJCHA Website Administrator

Kyle Weisholtz (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Listserv Manager

Diane Lynch (Seton Hall)